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Social rehabilitation

What is included in the social rehabilitation service, how to access the service and what extra fees are payable.

The service is provided only to Estonian citizens or persons holding a residence permit.

149 €/per

Extra charge: for additional meals and procedures

Sign up to the service:

Mon,Tue,Wed, 9-14 tel. +372 799 3909



breakfast included, in a 2- or 3-bed room, financed by the Social Insurance Board. The fee includes accommodation in a 1-bed room.


5 lunches and 4 dinners included in the supplement payable by the beneficiary.


from the list determined during the consultation on the recommendation of the physiotherapist, are included in the beneficiary’s allowance.

Treatments from the following menu:

(determined on the recommendation of the physiotherapist during the consultation and included in the additional fee paid by the beneficiary).

> Therapeutic mud bath
> Pearl bath with natural mineral water
> massage on a waterbed
> massage chair
> clay heating
> mud paraffin
> salt room
> electrical therapy
> local peat treatment
> paraffin treatment

Social rehabilitation is for all disabled people and people with partial or no work capacity who need help in their daily lives to cope with the limitations of their disability or special needs.
Social rehabilitation services are mediated by the Social Insurance Board.

During the rehabilitation service, the person’s coping and need for an assistant is assessed, suggestions are made for adapting the environment, and advice is given on the choice and use of assistive devices. Counselling for people with special needs on a range of topics to improve social coping is an important part of this.

Rehabilitation services are provided in the Värska sanatorium in Setomaa municipality in Väike-Rõsna village. AS Värska Sanatoorium has been operating as a rehabilitation facility since 2005. from May 2011.

We provide the following rehabilitation services:

Experienced counsellor service (individual and group counselling)

Physiotherapist service

Occupational therapist service

Counselling by a social worker (individual and group counselling)

Psychological counselling (individual and group counselling)

Advice from special needs teachers and speech and language therapists (individual and group counselling)

Creative therapist service (individual and group counselling)

Nursing counselling (individual and group counselling)

Medical service

The length of the publicly funded rehabilitation period of accommodation in our institution is five days per calendar year, for persons of working age with a mental disability up to 35 days per calendar year in 5-day periods.For an additional fee, we offer five days of extra meals (lunch and dinner) and passive interventions recommended by the physiotherapist.


Arrival on Sunday
from 19.00.


On the day of departure, please check-out no later than 14.00.


> junior suite 30 €/day

> a suite with bath 40 €/day

> a suite with sauna 40 €/day

> Sootska Suite 50 €/day


> Extra bed 13€/night,

> baby cot 13€ (one-time fee)

> 0 – 4 years free (without extra bed)

> 5 – 14 years 40€ per day (accommodation, meals according to adult package).

> 15. from the age of 15, the full price of the package applies.

AS Värska Sanatoorium does not provide the person receiving rehabilitation services with aids, care equipment and medication, which must be carried by the person receiving the service. In the case of people with reduced mobility, it is difficult to move around inside the house and an escort is required. The accommodation of an accompanying person accompanying an adult recipient of rehabilitation services must be paid for by the recipient or the accompanying person himself/herself, and is not reimbursed from the rehabilitation service funds allocated from the state budget.

There are no procedures on the day of arrival or on Sundays. There is no reimbursement for unused procedures.

Arriving early and wanting to spend some time in the water park before checking in,
an adult staying on the same day gets a discounted water park and sauna ticket for 12€.

APPLY and register Mon,Tue,Wed, 9-14 tel. +372 799 3909 or by e-mail rehabilitatsioon@spavarska.ee


  1. Apply for a referral letter from the Social Insurance Board for rehabilitation services through the client office of the pension office in the place of residence (for information, call the Social Insurance Board on 16106). To get the rehab services submint your application through the state portal.
  2. Register on the basis of a referral letter within 60 calendar days of receiving the funding decision for the Värska sanatorium’s rehabilitation service queue Mon, Tue, Wed 9-14 tel. 799 3909 or rehabilitatsioon@spavarska.ee.
  3. The length of the waiting list depends on the specific target group and the size of the service contract with the Social Insurance Board.
  4. Location and directions for getting there by private and public transport.


Based on the provisions of the Social Welfare Act and the Regulation of the Minister of Social Protection No. 66, as of 01.09.2017 the funding is as follows:
The accommodation limit per calendar year is up to EUR 120,45 for the beneficiary of the service , the accommodation limit per year is up to EUR 843,15 for the user of the services of a person of working age with a mental disability ).

Travel expenses to rehabilitation services are reimbursed for service users who go to a service outside their home municipality. Travel expenses are reimbursed at a rate of €0.10 per kilometre, up to a maximum of €41.55 per year. Travel expenses for the beneficiary and the person accompanying the beneficiary will be reimbursed up to a maximum of the total cost of the one-off travel expenses. For reimbursement of travel expenses, an application must be submitted to the pension office of the place of residence after the rehabilitation service. The application must be accompanied by the supporting documents (fuel receipts, public transport tickets) on the basis of which the expenses are reimbursed.

You can find out about the reimbursement arrangements for rehabilitation services on the Social Insurance Board’s website.


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