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Treatment / Heat therapy / Fango mud paraffin

A woman undergoing a thermal treatment at the Värska spa treatment centre, lying on her back with a mud paraffin cushion, covered with an orange sauna towel.

Fango mud paraffin

Relieves muscle tension.

16 €

one placement

Large bath

30 €

Available: Mon-Fri; Duration: 15 mins

Why fango mud paraffin works

The therapeutic effect of mud paraffin is due to the interaction between sea mud and paraffin. Seaweed has a similar effect to paraffin. High thermal capacity and thermal transfer ensure efficient heating. It dilates capillaries in the skin and improves lymphatic and blood circulation.


suitable for use in the treatment of chronic nerve diseases, changes following joint diseases. Paraffin therapy is good to use before a massage to relieve muscle tension.


acute inflammatory diseases, fever, heart failure.

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