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Water centre party room

Party room for up to 24 people, with kitchenette and games corner.

24 €/3h

room rent

A party room in a water park solves a challenge that many parents face from time to time – how to organise a child’s birthday party that is exciting, fun and affordable at the same time. Children of all ages will love the water park, which is why our party room is a great choice for children events.

Celebrating important anniversaries with children is always more than just a birthday party and giving presents. Young guests are also waiting for an exciting, fun and memorable time. Unforgettable swims, frolicking in the children’s pool with slides, thrilling fun in the counter-current canal, bubble baths, tropical rain and water jets around allow you to release excess energy and challenge yourself physically. What’s especially important in Estonia’s fickle weather – whatever the forecast, the air is always 28 degrees and the water 32 degrees in the waterpark.

At the same time, a party room at the water park allows you to keep the cost of the birthday under control and the main memory is the experience of the celebration, not the bill. The rental includes the use of the room for three hours, including preparation and cleaning time. There is a kitchenette with a kettle, a morse jug, a chopping board, a knife, a cake spatula and a flower vase for your use.

Children aged 5-14 can swim for reduced rate at the pool on all days of the week and children under 5 can swim for free. The party room can be rented for a celebration with your own food or with catering. If you order your catering from the Näki café in the water centre, the table will be set when you arrive. If you bring your own food and drinks, please bring your own utensils (serving trays, drinking cups, plates, knives, forks, spoons, napkins, etc.).

Some safety rules for party organisers
to ensure an enjoyable experience:

Cake candles may be used in the room. Cake lighters and sparklers are not allowed – there is a smoke detector in the party room which, when activated, triggers the whole house fire alarm.
Please wear socks or a change of shoes in the party-room. Wet clothes are not allowed in the room – after a swim we dry ourselves and get dressed in the changing room before entering the party room.

Toys are available to play with on site. Please leave all toys in the play area at the end of the party. If a toy is accidentally left in the hands of a child when leaving, please report it immediately and return it as soon as possible. If a toy or attraction breaks, please inform the water park administrator when you hand over the party room to prevent the broken and unsafe toy from falling into the hands of subsequent guests.

Staying in the play area with food and drink or leaving the party-room with food is not allowed.

At the end of the party, we ask you to tidy up the whole room: put the toys back in their places, wash the used dishes. Single-use dishes, drinking cups and other rubbish should be thrown in the bin. At the end of the party, the renter of the party room will hand over the cleaned room to the water park administrator.

The Water Centre is not responsible for the safekeeping of visitors’ personal belongings. The party room renter is responsible for the safety of the children, supervision and the cleanliness of the rented premises and its furnishings throughout the event. Running in the corridors and stairs is not allowed. Please do not leave your personal belongings and children unattended at the party.

The water centre is smoke-free and pets are not allowed.
In the event of damage to the furnishings of the party room or the taking of equipment for use in the room, the Water Centre has the right to claim compensation for the damaged or taken property.

For more information and reservations call +372 799 9334 or email veekeskus@spavarska.ee.

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