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Treatment / Balneotherapy / Local mud treatment

Hands covered with medicinal mud in Värska spa treatment centre.

Local mud treatment

Mud treatment procedure for the hands or feet when a therapeutic bath as a general bath is contraindicated.

12 €

if bought separately

Large bath

30 €

Available: Mon-Sat; Duration: 10 mins

Local mud treatment for hands and feet

And what diseases can be treated with it

Suitable for the relief of carpal tunnel syndrome, various joint pains of the fingers, shoulder blades, wrists and feet. Improves tissue metabolism and circulation.

The hands or feet are placed in a bath filled with a medicinal broth. The therapeutical mud is diluted with very salty Värska mineral water at a temperature of 41-43 degrees. Freshwater mud therapy is a procedure that treats chronic inflammation and relieves pain, is bio-stimulating (speeds up metabolism and cellular renewal) and removes excess fluids and toxins from the body. Therapeutical mud acts on the body as a thermal, mechanical and chemical irritant. Värska therapeutic mud is considered to be one of the world’s most unique therapeutic freshwater mud, which is said to have no analogue in the world. Freshwater mud is ten times richer in organic substances than sea mud, and also contains sulphur hydrogen.


Acute inflammatory diseases, recent operations, skin ulcers, varicose veins, large varicose veins in the legs, heart failure, (uncompensated) hypertension, tumour diseases.

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