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Water park rules


The house rules are a specific guide for each visitor on how to behave in the water park so that they and everyone else can enjoy themselves. Let’s highlight three key points that tend to slip our minds from time to time:

1. Wash before entering the water park
2. Don’t forget to take your own towel from the changing room.
3. Dry yourself after water procedures before entering the changing room.

4. Move around the aquatic centre with care and without haste. Running/rushing on a wet floor is dangerous for you and other visitors.

5. A water park supervisor is on duty at the water park to enhance safety and to monitor compliance with safety rules, but the primary responsibility for any damage to health or property arising from the use of the water park and any resulting damage rests with the user (or, in the case of children, their adult chaperone).

Buy a pass at the reception on entry and keep it until you leave.
The water park attractions and saunas will be switched off 15 minutes before the Waterpark closes.
A family ticket admits up to two adults and all children in the family. Families with four or more children should present a Family Card when purchasing a ticket. Children up to the age of 5 get in free of charge.
Along with your ticket, you will receive a wristband from the cashier to lock your wardrobe, redeem drinks in the online bar and use additional services.
Wear your wristband in a visible position throughout your stay at the water park.
Changing the wristband is prohibited
By purchasing a ticket, you confirm that your health and fitness allow you to use the water park or gym, and that you are familiar with the house rules.
Children up to the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Children are the responsibility of their escorts
You can borrow a bath towel and bathrobe from the administrator.
No food or drinks allowed in the water park and cloakroom.
You can only bring your own drink in a plastic container to the gym.
Drunk visitors are not allowed in water parks, gym or saunas.

Swimming costumes are compulsory for everyone, including young children. Swimwear with pockets is not allowed
Wash before going to the water park
Fix long hair or use a swimming cap
Choose a pool or sauna that suits your swimming ability and health condition.
Take it easy: wet floors are slippery
Follow the signs and pointers
If you have any questions or if you feel unwell, ask the water park supervisor for swimming equipment.
There are plenty of toilets and litter bins at the water park – use them!
Consider others, be considerate of children
Follow the swimming pool lane markings (right-hand traffic). Don’t interfere with training and group lessons
No jumping, sitting or standing on the course boundaries.
Water diving is only allowed from the starting blocks and from the deep end of the pool without endangering others.
Jumping in the water is prohibited in the children’s pool and the amusement pool.
Playing ball is not allowed in the water park.
Smoking is prohibited in the water park and in the hotel. Smoking is only allowed outdoors in appropriately marked areas.
Waterpark staff have the right to stop any person who is drunk, disruptive or dangerous from entering the hotel or waterpark premises.
Water park staff have the right to suspend the validity of a ticket temporarily or permanently without compensation in case of breaking the rules of the house.
The water park and the hotel shall not be liable for any unattended items left by guests or for any injury or other damage to the health of a guest who has violated the house rules, nor shall they compensate for any resulting damage.

After water procedures, dry yourself off before entering the changing room.
On check-out, pay the reception for drinks and extras purchased from the water bar in the pool.
Return your wristband and rented items. Damages for a lost wristband, bathrobe or towel will be charged.

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Värska kuurortravikeskus

Värska kuurortravikeskus

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