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Treatment / Services / Consultation

A woman consulting a doctor at the Värska health resort.


Consultation of a doctor or therapist.

15 €

if bought separately

Large bath

30 €

Available: Mon-Thu; Duration: 15 mins

During the consultation, procedures will be set up that will result in the visitor alleviating their health problems and receiving specific recommendations to improve their quality of life. Consultation is necessary as medical conditions vary in nature and some procedures have contraindications.

We are staffed by dedicated professionals – specialists, therapists and masseurs who can help you with both emotional and physical concerns. The first consultation is included in the price of at least 3-day treatment packages.


chronic rhinitis, bronchitis, asthma. Frequent viral infections, allergies, sleep disturbances, neurosis. The procedure is perfect for those who want to quit smoking.


viral infection with fever, acute asthma attack, pulmonary emphysema, heart failure.

To book an appointment, call +372 799 3900 or visit admin@spavarska.ee.

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