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Free lunches are available!

If you stay at Värska Spa Treatment Centre with the packages Vacation in Sanatorium or Vacation in Water Centre for 2 nights or more,
you’ll also get lunch between nights, which is not normally included in the package.

The family at the Aquatic Centre enjoys a hot tub with mineral water at the Värska Health Resort Centre.
A family in the Värska aquatic centre hot tub.

Free lunches are available!

If you are staying 2 nights or more in Värska Health Resort Centre with the “Vacation in Sanatorium” and “Vacation in Water Center” packages, lunch, which is not normally included in the package, is included in between the nights.

You can hear and see: Traditional folk singing of Seto men, karmoska playing and other activities related to local customs.

A vacation at the springs of life

Values of Värska resort

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Värska kuurortravikeskus

Värska kuurortravikeskus

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Värska kuurortravikeskus
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ЗДРАВСТВУЙТЕ , спасибо за запрос Цены, путёвки и часы работы водного центра вы найдёте на нашем сайте https://spavarska.ee/ru/ . Текущая информация по свободным номерам по телефону дежурного администратора +3727993901 (ежедневно 7-23).
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