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Treatment / Heat therapy / Local Peat Treatment

A woman in the Värska deafness treatment centre, lying on her stomach with an applicator, covered with an orange sauna towel.

Local Peat Treatment

Circulatory stimulant.

10 €

one placement

Large bath

30 €

Available: Mon-Sat; Duration: 15 mins

How local peat treatment works

A sheet of peat is placed on the area to be treated and heated to 65 degrees on a heating pad.

Bioactive substances absorbed through the skin stimulate circulation and metabolism. Therapeutic peat has a slightly higher acidity than skin and mucous membranes, and does not contain bacteria or allergenic particles that are harmful to the skin or the body.


rheumatism, circulatory disorders.


acute inflammatory processes, fever.

To book this procedure, call +372 799 3900 or write to admin@spavarska.ee.

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