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Pearl bath

Therapeutic bath with natural mineral water and fine bubbles.

16 €

if bought separately

Available: Mon-Sat; Duration: 10 mins

How does a pearl bath with natural mineral water work?

The healing properties of mineral waters have been known to mankind since ancient times. Temples were built around mineral springs in antiquity, where the sick were treated in the same way as today – with diet, exercise, baths and drinking water. Natural mineral water heals the body inside and out.

There are three types of mineral water in Värska: two for drinking and one for bathing.

Värska mineral water has been known as table water for decades and is still very famous. Drinking mineral water Värska Kange(Värska-4; 6,5 g/l) has a unique composition and a high bromine and magnesium content. Ideal for treating bile ducts, upper respiratory tract and ulcers. Low-salt table water Värska Mahe (Värska-5; 2.1 g/l) is good for stomach acidity and is an excellent thirst quencher. The highly saline mineral water Värska-6 (21.6g/l) is mainly used in bathing treatments such as sleep disorders, skin diseases, chronic inflammations and neurosis, but also as drinking water for some diseases (e.g. intestinal diseases). In terms of salinity, it is equivalent to the waters of the Black Sea or the ocean.

How does a pearl bath work?

By the time you sit down in the bath, the water temperature will be set to a nice silky 37-39 degrees. You’ll be covered in Värska-6, a natural mineral water with a salinity similar to ocean water and ten times stronger than Värska table water. The water flows directly from the ground into the bath from a depth of more than half a kilometre between 600 million-year-old rocks. It is a true force of nature with scientifically proven healing properties. And then there are the “pearls!” – a micro-massage of fine air bubbles that tones, improves circulation and benefits the nervous system.

What makes it special?

The natural mineral water around you, Värska-6, contains a number of trace elements: copper, zinc, strontium, manganese, bromine, lithium and anti-cancer selenium. Take a deep breath. When you entered the room, you could smell a particular odour, with a slight scent of sulphur water mixed with salt vapours. It has a very good effect on the airways. While you’re in the bath, inhaling bromine with water vapour also has a calming effect. Asthma, back pain, psoriasis, muscle tension and a whole range of stress-inducing ailments will be relieved. You’d probably like it to last even longer, but there are a number of procedures ahead that have a similar feel-good effect.

Asthma, back pain, psoriasis, muscle tension and a whole range of stress-inducing ailments will be relieved.

Pearl bath with natural mineral water is one of our most popular and valuable treatments. Bromine-rich and very salty, Värska-6 mineral water has a soothing effect on the body and a healing effect on the skin.

The mineral bath is taken at a temperature of 37-39 C, with the addition of a micro-massage of fine air bubbles, which tones, improves blood circulation and has a beneficial effect on the nervous system. Värska-6 is a very salty (21g/l) mineral water that flows between 600 million-year-old strata at a depth of 572-600 metres. Värska-6 contains a number of micronutrients: copper, zinc, strontium, manganese, bromine, lithium, and anti-cancer selenium.

skin and mucous membranes, neurosis, sleep disorders, upper respiratory tract and oral cavity inflammations, skin diseases (psoriasis, neurodermatitis), allergic diseases, colon diseases, joint diseases, muscle tensions. In addition, circulatory and blood circulation disorders, muscle diseases, metabolic disorders, nervous system disorders, varicose veins, stress, back pain.

To book an appointment, call +372 799 3900 or visit admin@spavarska.ee.

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