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Massage on a waterbed

The equipment used is MedyJet and VelusJet.

15 €

15 min

50 min

40 €

Available from: Mon-Sat

Why a waterbed massage is beneficial

Massage on the MedyJet and VelusJet waterbeds is great for relieving work stress, muscle tension and overall well-being. This treatment offers almost all the benefits of heat therapy, hydromassage and classic massage.

When lying on a waterbed, the client is not in contact with the water, while the body is fully supported and almost weightless. The water jets mimic the basic movements of a classic massage, depending on the mode selected (from gentle stroking and patting action to strong cone and sickle-shaped rotating water jets).

Massage on a waterbed helps to reduce muscle tension, improve metabolism, activate the lymphatic drainage system, strengthen soft tissue structure, improve self-esteem and increase well-being. The device can be used from health promotion to therapy and can be combined with other treatments (hand massage, movement therapy, etc.). The medical therapeutic massage device combines the therapeutic effects of thermal, classical and underwater massage.

The MedyJet and VelusJet devices are called “dry” hydro-massage, where the person being massaged lies on a special elastic mattress and the body is fully supported in a weightless state. Electronically controlled water jets moving under the mattress mimic the basic principles of classical massage and, in addition to its therapeutic effects, the device promotes relaxation and overall well-being.


increase or decrease muscle tone, improve local blood supply, relaxation of subcutaneous tissue, pain relief, softening of scar tissue, muscle fatigue.


trauma, acute inflammations, infections, malignant tumours.

To book this procedure, call +372 799 3900 or write to admin@spavarska.ee.

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