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Throat and nose spray Tsilk 30ml

Original price was: 6,90 €.Current price is: 6,00 €.

Tsilk 100% natural Estonia’s first throat and nasal spray with Värska mineral water, which relieves irritation of the nose and throat. In cartons of one, three or 12 bottles. Check out the product leaflet. Delivery 5-7 days. (In case of courier service, be sure to include the recipient’s phone number.)

Tsilk is the first 100% natural Värska throat and nasal decongestant made in Estonia, which relieves nasal and throat irritation. The Tsilk throat and nose spray was born out of the Värska spa treatment centre’s collaboration with researchers from the University of Tartu, who were looking for an answer to a question: How to make easily available to people The Värska resort’s clear mineral water, which has proven its effectiveness for the upper respiratory tract over the years? The resulting nasal and throat spray Tsilk exceeded all expectations in trials. Unlike sea or ocean water-based sprays, Tsilga’s solution already contains all valuable minerals and trace elements (B, Fe, Mn, Li, Sr, Ba) in optimal quantities, without the need for dilution or preservatives. There is no anthropogenic environmental impact on the natural mineral water flowing from Värska No. 6 borehole at a depth of 595 metres – the water has remained intact in the depths of the ground for millennia. The salt content of the solution is slightly higher than the body’s natural salt level (0.9% NaCl solution). Salt mineral water relieves nasal congestion while cleansing the nasal cavity of excess mucus and helping to protect it from infections. Relief can be obtained from throat irritation and dryness. Tsilk does not contain any industrial pharmaceuticals and therefore has no harmful side effects and can be used over a longer period of time. The bottle contains an antibacterial pumping system that prevents the entry of germs during the entire use. Shelf life up to 36 months. “Tsilk” has a shelf life of 12 months after the first opening of the bottle. Storage conditions: room temperature, preferably protected from direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children. Read more: how Tsilk and sales contacts were born .
Weight 0,15 kg
Dimensions 22 × 13 × 7,5 cm

1 bottle 30 ml, Triple pack 3x30ml, Bulk pack 12x30ml

Tsilk throat and nasal spray 30 ml bottle and box.Throat and nose spray Tsilk 30ml
Original price was: 6,90 €.Current price is: 6,00 €.
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