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Individual, for personality-related problems.

30 €

if bought separately

The price from 01.10.2023 is
36 €

Available: Tue,Thu; Duration: 30 min

Psychological counselling and counselling is a creative process of cooperation between the counsellor and the client, where the reasons that have led to the problematic situation are analysed in a trusting and non-judgemental atmosphere, ways of changing it are discussed, and new perspectives, solutions and perspectives for the future are sought.

A psychologist advises on personal issues:

  • problems related to your own personality: adaptability, communication skills, self-esteem problems, personality development opportunities, self-analysis, conflicts.
  • difficulties in understanding one’s own feelings, thoughts and desires, difficulties in making choices, decisions and planning, difficult life events and survivors, crisis and bereavement, excessive worry, anxiety and fear, physical ailments without a cause (pain, sleep disturbances), excessive stress and difficulties in adapting, depression and life fatigue
  • communication problems (with partner, children, friends), self-esteem problems, future goals and prospects.


chronic rhinitis, bronchitis, asthma. Frequent viral infections, allergies, sleep disturbances, neurosis. The procedure is perfect for those who want to quit smoking.


viral infection with fever, acute asthma attack, pulmonary emphysema, heart failure.

To book an appointment, call +372 799 3900 or visit admin@spavarska.ee.

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