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Therapy / Exercise therapy / Group ring training

A woman and a man try out circuit training machines at the Värska spa treatment centre, following the advice of a physiotherapist.

Ring training in a group

Suitable for all and recommended for all.

8 €

in group

Large bath

30 €

Available: Mon-Fri; Duration: 30 min

How circuit training works

Exercise therapy is carried out by physiotherapists. Exercise therapy is suitable for everyone and is recommended for everyone. Exercise programmes can be tailored according to the condition and the need..

Physiotherapists will be able to recommend a programme of exercises that is suitable for everyone and can be continued at home. In the group, a physiotherapist will introduce different exercises and movement therapy programmes.

The MX Circuit full range of training machines are used for ring training. 9 The machine is based on a two-way hydraulic movement with adjustable weight. MX Circuit training usually lasts 30 min.

Physiotherapists can recommend the right exercise programme for everyone.

The goals of physical activity therapy are:

  • Maintaining and developing physical fitness (building endurance and cardiovascular health by exercising on land and in water).
  • therapeutic gymnastics for sick joints (targeted treatment of problem joints/muscles with exercises in a gymnasium or swimming pool to maintain joint mobility).
  • maintaining and improving muscle strength.
  • exercise therapy for osteoporosis (strengthening muscles to prevent falls and balance training, teaching correct postures and how to avoid falls).
rheumatic diseases, chronic joint and muscle inflammations, spinal diseases, muscle atrophy, post-trauma and post-cutaneous dressings and scarring, chronic skin diseases (psoriasis, eczema), chronic gynaecological diseases, chronic internal diseases.


Acute inflammatory diseases, recent operations, skin ulcers, varicose veins, large varicose veins in the legs, heart failure, (uncompensated) hypertension, tumour diseases.

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