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Foot massager, illustrative image of a Thai foot massage treatment procedure at Värska Spa Treatment Centre.

Thai foot massage

Reflective hand massage.

40 €

50 min

50 min

40 €

Available: Mon-Fri

Thai reflexology foot massage

Thai foot massage is based on reflexology foot maps, which originated in Chinese folk medicine. Reflection foot massage is a treatment that can help to alleviate many health problems.

Jthe reflex points under the feet are the reflections of the organs of the whole body Thai foot massage strengthens the immune system, improves circulation, digestion and reduces muscle stiffness and tension. Swelling is reduced, sleep quality improves, mental balance is restored and tired and cold feet are relieved.

The Thai foot massage starts with a ritual foot bath and foot washing. A wooden massage stick is used as an aid. As oils, ointments and creams are used in foot massages, it is important to inform the masseur of any allergies. Thai foot massage not only works the foot, but also the leg and knee. After the procedure, the legs are pleasantly light.

At least 1 hour must have elapsed since your last meal when you come for your massage. It is recommended to drink a glass of lukewarm water before and after a foot massage. It is not recommended to wash your feet for one hour after the massage. This way the massage is more effective.

rheumatic diseases, chronic joint and muscle inflammations, spinal diseases, muscle atrophy, post-trauma and post-cutaneous dressings and scarring, chronic skin diseases (psoriasis, eczema), chronic gynaecological diseases, chronic internal diseases.


acute (viral) illness or fever; severe cardiovascular disease, skin conditions on the legs (rash, inflammation), open wound or problem with the leg (bone thinning, fracture less than 6 months ago, recent trauma), tumours, alcohol abuse, first days of menstruation, pregnancy, diabetes.

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