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Tsilk throat and nose spray 30ml product information

What is Estonia’s first 100% natural nasal and throat cleanser and how to use it?

Tsilk Natural Mineral Water Nasal and Throat Paste is a 100% natural mineral water from Värska’s 6 boreholes, designed to relieve nasal congestion, colds and unpleasant upper respiratory symptoms. Tsilk Nasal and Throat Wash is a pure hypertonic unsterilised mineral water with a naturally high salt and manganese content, free from preservatives. The salt content of the solution is slightly higher than the body’s natural salt level (0.9% NaCl solution). Salt mineral water relieves nasal congestion while cleansing the nasal cavity of excess mucus and helps protect it from infections. Relief can be obtained from throat irritation and dryness. There are no harmful side effects, can be used for longer periods.

Instructions for use
For nasal and/or throat spraying only for 10-21 days.
1) Remove the cap and the white clip under the nozzle.
2) Carefully insert the nozzle into the nostril or into the throat as needed.
3) Press the nozzle:
Children 2-6 years of age 1 spray in the nostril or 1-2 sprays in the throat up to 4 times a day. Children over 6 years of age and adults (including pregnant women and breast-feeding mothers): 1-2 sprays in the nostril or 1-2 sprays in the throat no more often than every 4 hours. 4) Clean the nozzle with hot water after each use. Do not use in children under 2 years of age.

List of ingredients
Natural mineral water nasal and throat spray Tsilk contains 30 ml of natural mineral water with valuable minerals and trace elements (B, Fe, Mn, Li, Sr, Ba) from 6 Värska wells at a depth of 595 m. Average mineral content 1,5-2,1 g/100 ml.

Tsilk is the world’s first product with a user manual in Seto language

What is Estonia’s first 100% natural nasal and throat cleanser and how to use it?

Mia om Tsilk?
The needle and throat water Tsilk is a full-bodied mineral water extracted from the Verska 6 wells, which is a great relief for needle, throat and other upper respiratory problems. Tsilgah was a preservative and it is a pure mineral water of thanksgiving, where it contains salt and manganese. The solution is a mouthful of inäbä, when the inemisõ is natural. The salty mineral water gives relief when the sting is stuck, cleanses the sting from the lice and helps to protect the sting from infections. It also relieved irritation or a dry throat. The only way to get around was to get there or to take a longer walk.

Tsilk is a medical device class I, with CE marking. The use of these comes through the courts, as Tsilka needs.

Tsilk throat and nasal spray 30 ml bottle and box.

How to use Tsilka’?
A good luck to be able to shoot 10-21 times in the head and/or throat.
1 Next, remove the cap from the nozzle and the white paint clip from under the nozzle.
2 The nozzle shall be put in front of the ears, or down the throat.
3 ‘Vaotada’ the nozzle:
2-6 year olds with a bathing latch on 1 bed or 1-2 beds in a cucumber 4 straws.
the overhead shower. Over 6 years of age for bathtub-eared pigs and thoroughbred pigs (including rabies and ring-necked pigs).
give’ suck’) shoot 1-2 goats in the throat or 1-2 goats in the throat not more than 4 hours after the shooting.
4 Clean the nozzle with a hot brush before using the straw’.
Ala 2 years on the baths not to use’.

What kind of Tsilk did you do?
The bottle of the needle and cucumber Tsilk contains 30 ml of mineral water extracted from the 595 m deep Verska 6 borehole, rich in minerals and trace elements (B, Fe, Mn, Li, Sr, Pa). The average mineral content is 1,5-2,1 g/100 ml of the juice.

What do you need to keep an eye on?
The Tsilka must not be used if it is too sensitive to the constituent elements. Not to give any more than a little sack of bread, the needy must have a little more. Look ahead, or you’ll see the rest. When the smoke goes out of the eye, the eye gets a lot of mist.

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