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Underwater vacuum massage

Speeds up blood circulation.

25 €

20 min

50 min

40 €

Available from: Mon-Thu

How underwater vacuum massage works

Underwater massage is performed in the bathtub, but instead of the usual pressure shower, a vacuum nozzle is used as a massage medium. Performing the procedure in a water environment significantly enhances the effectiveness of the vacuum massage thanks to the synergy between vacuum and water. The massage follows the general principles of classical massage, using pressure, shaking, stroking and also vibrating movements.

VMassage improves lymphatic and blood circulation and speeds up tissue metabolism. As a result, the overall condition of the skin, the underlying skin tissue and connective tissue improves, as well as effectively affecting the condition of the musculoskeletal system. The procedure is suitable both as a full-body massage and for local problems (especially back and joint pain). The procedure also helps to combat cellulite and obesity problems.


is not recommended for those taking blood thinning medications as it increases the risk of bleeding, is not suitable for pregnant women, is not suitable in cases of phlebitis and thrombosis.

To book this procedure, call +372 799 3900 or write to admin@spavarska.ee.

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