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Indian head and face massage Champi

Ayurvedic-influenced massage modality

35 €

25 min

50 min

40 €

Available: Mon-Fri

Indian head and face massage Champi

This is a type of massage that has grown out of Ayurvedic wisdom and is considered one of the best muscle relaxing massages – relaxation takes place from head to toe.

The physical treatment ofthe headhelps to achieve emotional stability, release accumulated tensions and thus helps to clear energetic blocks throughout the body.

The massage is performed in a sitting position and with coconut oil. Massage through the head, neck, face and shoulders. For an oil massage, it is advisable to bring a towel or hat to cover your head and wash your hair after about two hours. Drinking water or herbal teas before and after the massage is recommended to quickly eliminate toxins from the body.

The result is healthier hair, reduced hair loss, slowing down the signs of ageing. Headaches, tired eyes and ringing in the ears, muscle tension in the neck and shoulder girdle are relieved, and circulation improves. In the case of hair extensions, the master should be warned in advance.


epilepsy, tumours, inflammatory processes and fever.

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