Rehabilitation at Värska Sanatorium

Rehabilitation is a social service with a purpose to improve the independence, promote working and participation in society of disabled people.

With this service we hope to support the development of disabled children and help them with getting a good education. Rehabilitation also tries to improve the independence of elderly people in order for them to participate more in our society.

Rehabilitation provided by AS Värska Sanatoorium for:

disabled children and adults,

working age people with mental disorders.

Estonian National Social Insurance Board finances the rehabilitation service with accommodation and one meal a day (breakfast in AS Värska Sanatoorium). Additional meals and procedures that are not financed by Estonian National Social Insurance Board can be ordered by the client.

Prices of Additional Meals and Procedures:

AS Värska Sanatoorium owns the EQUASS Assurance certification. This is the Europe-wide quality in social services system what is developed by European Platform for Rehabilitation.

EQUASS Assurance is a certification programme for quality assurance and quality control in social services. The system enables institutions providing social service to engage in an external independent certification process at a European level by which they assure quality of their services to their clients and other stakeholders.

The quality of services are described by following principles: person centred, ethics, rights, result orientation, comprehensiveness, partnership, participation and continuous improvement.

Different activities are carried out relying to European Social Fund's conditions for support (ESF TAT) „Welfare Services that Support the Participation in Job Market in 2015-2020“ 2.3.3 “Improving the Quality of Estonian Welfare Services by Quality Themed Trainings, Consultations and Introduction and Implementation of Quality Management Systems".