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Therapy / Heat therapy / Paraffin therapy for the feet

A leg placed in a heated paraffin bowl at the Värska spa treatment centre.

Paraffin therapy for feet

Relieves pain, acts anti-inflammatory.

16 €


Large bath

30 €

Available: Mon-Sat; Duration: 10 mins

How does paraffin treatment work for the feet

Paraffin therapy relieves pain and acts as an anti-inflammatory for chronic joint and muscle diseases and post-traumatic changes.

The paraffin treatment for hands and feet is a deep moisturising, skin conditioning and circulation improving, cuticle softening and skin nourishing treatment. Paraffin wax with various additives is used for hands and feet. The hand paraffin is with peach oil and the feet with green tea tree oil.


suitable for use in the treatment of chronic nerve diseases, changes following joint diseases. Paraffin therapy is good to use before a massage to relieve muscle tension.


acute inflammatory diseases, fever, heart failure.

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