Family vacation
Family vacation
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Physical gift card

20,00 500,00 

Physical gift card, which is delivered on paper to the recipient’s address. Additional charges may apply.



All of us sometimes experienced “gift-panic”, when the important date for the beloved one’s is almost ahead and you don’t know, what kind of present to buy. And what to give someone, who has it all, anyway? Well, this gift card is the best solution for this kind of dilemma. Our gift cards are suitable for all the ages – water park for kids, relaxing vacation for younger generation and treatment packages for the elderly. The vacation in Värska is good for everybody!

Physical gift card’s advantages are simple purchasing and convenient delivery:
– choose value from 20 euros;
– is sent by regular postal service within two business days;
– has standard design;
– verbal greeting can be added, to make the gift more personal;
– do not need to be carried along for using. Just present us 12-digits code;
– sending by regular postal service means additional administration and deliveri charge of 5 euros.

All the details, concerning purchase and using gift cards is avaliable at the Terms and Conditions page.

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