Music Therapy

60 minutes
Duration of the procedure

Music therapy uses music to relax, visualize, take the patient to imaginary journeys, create stories, sing and improvise. Music is versatile and because of that relatable to everyone. It gives an opportunity to discover yourself through music.

The versatility of music allows the patient to contact different emotions and feelings, to acknowledge them, cope with them or just let them go. Music therapy improves creativity, boosts self-esteem and supports development. This is probably the reason why it's suitable for everybody - from babies to elderly people, from healthy to disabled people.

Music therapy is a widely used form of therapy. Music therapy uses music or its elements (sound, rhythm, melody, harmony) in therapeutic processes in order to maintain, improve health and prevent diseases.

Music therapy has always three sides: client, therapist and music. Music therapy belongs to the family of creative therapies where talking is secondary. This makes it perfect for people who don't want to talk about themselves or open up to strangers. On the other hand gives a safe opportunity to express themselves non-verbally to those with speech difficulties (psychological complications, speech disorders, developmental disorders etc.).

You don't have to be a musician nor have a degree in music to participate in music therapy.

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