Laser Therapy

1-30 minutes
Duration of the procedure

Laser therapy is bearable and doesn' t raise blood pressure. Laser therapy may be used as monotherapy or part of complex treatment (massage, movement therapy, heat therapy) or combine with other electrotherapies.

The treatment course is usually done 4-6 times, minimal 3 and maximal 12 times. Treatment courses can be repeated 2-3 times a year and separated by at least three months.

The effect of the course can be first felt even weeks later but most of the patients feel better already during the treatment course. The effects against inflammation and pain promotes tissue metabolism, accelerates healing, helps with connective tissue problems, decreases swelling and sensitivity of afferent nerves.

Indications: used mainly against chronic joint, muscle and tendon inflammation, also suitable for posttraumatic treatment.

Contraindications: malignant tumors, blood disorders, severe infections, pregnancy, chronic heart, liver and kidney deficiency, decompensated diabetes, toxic thyroid enlargement.

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