State of emergency

What to keep in mind for the guests of Värska resort center

Dear guests,

Due to the state of emergency, applied by the Government of Republic of Estonia, our resort center is working now in changed circumstances. Here you can find all the important information, considering these changes. All the reservations well be transfered or postponed till the second half of 2020 with no additional charge.

GENERAL CONTACTS in ESTONIA: phone number +372 799 3901, e-mail: info@spavarska.ee .
CONTACTS FOR LATVIA: direct calls via latvian number 676 606 57, e-mail: slavik.vertepov@spavarska.ee.

There are some impotant instructions from the Department of Health for the citizens and organisations. Our resort center in Värska follows these instructions and we rely on you to follow them as well.

In addition, we have some changes in our protocols of admitting new guests in Värska resort center:

1) All guests have to clean their hands on the entrance. The disinfection kit is avaliable on the reception.

2) After that, all the guests have to fill in special health declaration form and let their temperature to be measured with contactless device.

3) People with high temperature or other conraindications will not be allowed to proceed for resort treatment, rehabilitation service or swim in the Water park. This helps us to prevent infection spreading in our facilities.

4) Guests with treatment packages will have individual consultation. This consist of general health-check and putting together individual treatment plan.

5) There are additional disinfection kits in public areas. Washing hands before entering restaurant is compulsory.

6) Our cleaning personel is guided by recommendations of Health Department, considering everyday cleaning and disinfection commonly touched surfaces. This helps to prevent spreading usual seasonal viruses as well.

7) Värska resort center keeps the right to make additional temporary changes in the way of offering treatment and other services, if situation requires.

We are doing everything to make your stay in Värska safe and will continue to apply all the measures, recommended by the Department of Health.