Spa Policies

Some simple rules to ensure our guests a pleasant stay

House rules give our guests simple instructions to follow when staying in Värska for an even better stay. We emphasize these three main rules that may sometimes be forgotten:

Wash before going to water park
Do not forget to take your towel with you from the dressing room
Dry yourself after water procedures before entering the dressing room


Buy a ticket from the reception and keep it until you leave
Water park attractions are switched off 15 minutes before the water center closes.
Up to two adults and all children can access water park with family ticket. Families with four or more children should present Family Card when purchasing a ticket. Children under 5-years have free access.
You will receive a locker chip with your pass which you can also use at the water bar to order drinks
Keep your chip visible at all times in water park Changing your wrist chip is prohibited
By purchasing a ticket you confirm that your health and skills allow you to use water park and gym and you accept the house rules
Children under 10-years must have an adult guardian who is responsible for the child
Towels and bathrobs can be rent at the reception
Drinks and snacks are not allowed to bring to water park
Only drinks in plastic bottle are allowed to be taken to the gym
Guests with visible signs of alcohol abuse are prohibited to enter water park, gym and saunas


Swimwear is mandatory to use, even by small children. Swimwear with pockets is not allowed
Wash before going to water park
Long hair shouldn't be left loose. If necessary please use a swim cap
Choose the most suitable pool or sauna according to your swimming skills and health conditions
Move carefully - the floor can be slippery
Follow the signs and instructions
When you have questions, don't feel well or need swim equipment please turn to the instructor.
Water park contains enough bathrooms and trashcans - use them
Consider other guests and be attentive with children
Follow the lane marks in the pool (right-hand traffic). Please do not disturb training and group lessons
Diving with tricks and sitting or standing on pool lane marks is prohibited
Diving is allowed only from the diving platform on the deepest end of the pool when other guest are in a safe distance
Diving is prohibited in children's pool and the pool with attractions
Smoking in water park and hotel is prohibited. Smoking is allowed outside in marked areas
Water park personnel is allowed to remove intoxicated, rude or dangerous guests away from the hotel or water park
Water park personnel is allowed to restrict the access to water park with a valid ticket without refunding the money when hotel policies are being violated
Water park and hotel do not take the responsibility nor compensates the loss of unsupervised items or harm made by a guest who has violated hotel policies.


Dry yourself after water procedures before entering the dressing room
Pay for the drinks ordered from the water bar and additional services at reception
Return the locker chip and rented items. Lost chip, bathrobe or towels must be compensated.