Rehabilitation services for adults

Rehabilitation is a social service with a purpose to improve the independence, promote working and participation in society of disabled people.

During rehabilitation person's ability to cope with everyday chores and need for a guardian is evaluated. The specialists make different suggestions for adjusting the environment and choosing the best equipment. Also an important aspect is disabled people counseling where different social improvement topics are being discussed.

Rehabilitation services take place in the rooms of Värska sanatorium in Setomaa parish, Väike-Rõsna. AS Värska Sanatoorium is offering rehabilitation services since May of 2005.

We offer the following rehabilitation services:

Implementation and instruction of rehabilitation plan

Improvement of rehabilitation plan and evaluation of the results


Occupational therapist

Social worker's counseling (individual and group counseling)

Psychologist's counseling (individual and group counseling)

Special education teacher's and speech therapist's counseling (individual and group counseling)

Creative therapy (individual and group counseling)

Medical nurse counseling (individual and group counseling)

Doctor service

Accommodation in twin or triple room with breakfast

Publicly financed rehabilitation accommodation period in our institution is five days, for working age people with mental disorders the period can be up to 14 days. It is also possible to choose up to nine treatment procedures recommended by physiotherapist from the following list:

therapeutic mud bath

mineral water pearl bath

natural mineral water bath

massage bed

massage chair

clay heat therapy

local peat therapy

paraffin treatment

mud paraffin

salt chamber


Additional fee for accommodation:

single room 10 € day

junior suite 20 € day

suite with jacuzzi 32 € day

suite with sauna 32 € day

Sootska suite 38 € day

Check-in on Sunday from 19:00. No procedures or catering on the day of arrival. Check-out at 14:00

AS Värska Sanatoorium does not provide rehabilitation patient with equipment and medications as they should be carried with the patient. We kindly ask that patients with severe motor disabilities come with a guardian since getting around in the building can be difficult. The accommodation of the guardians must be paid by the rehabilitation service receiver or the guardian since the rehabilitation service fund of national budget does not compensate it.