Party Room in Water Park

Party room in water park for 14 persons. Kitchen equipment and play area with toys included

Party room in water park solves one of the parent's big challenges - how to organize a fun and interesting birthday party for a fair price. Children of all ages like water parks and thats makes our party room the perfect choice for your kid's birthday.

Celebrating birthdays with friends are much more than just a cake and presents. Small party-animals are waiting for something fun and memorable. Lots of swimming, playing in children's pool, jaccuzy and tropical rain will help to loose all the energy and get some physical challenge. What is more important in our climate - no matter, what weather conditions are, you are always experiencing air temperature of +28 and water of +32 degrees Celsius in our water park.

The rent of party room includes using the room and facilities for 3 hours, with preparation and cleaning time. There is small kitchen-corner, where you can boil water for tea, cut your cake and put flowers in the vase.

5-14 year old children has discount price for water park tickets and under 5-years olds go swimming for free. You can book party room with or without catering. If you order catering from our cafe, then everything will be ready for your arrival. If you are booking without catering and are bringing your own foot, then please, bring all the dishes, forks and knives with you.

Here are some important safety rules to guarantee you enjoyable experience:

You can use candles on the cake. Volcanoes and sparklers are not allowed - there is smoke detector in the ceiling which will activate the automatic firealarm in all building.
Please, take off your shoes in party room or change. Wet clothes are not allowed in the room. You can dry yourself and dress in the dressing room.

Toys are for playing in the room. Leave them in the playing zone after the party. If your children grab some toys with them, let us know and send them back as soon as possible. If something is broken, inform the reception, to avoid leaving damaged and unsafe accessories to new guests.
Bringing food and drinks to the playing zone or out of the room is not allowed.

After the party, clean all the room after you - put the toys in their places, wash used dishes. Put disposable cups, plates and other materials in the garbage can. The organizer has to hand the room over to receptionist after the rental time is over.
Water park personell don't have responsibility for your personal belongings. You are responsible for the safety of the children and for the facilities in the room. Running in the corridor or on the stairs is strictly prohibitet. Please, do not leave your personal belongings or children unattended.
The smoking and pets are not allowed in the building.

For ADDITIONAL INFORMATION please call +372 799 9334 or send an e-mail to: veekeskus@spavarska.ee

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