Underwater Jet Massage

20 minutes
Duration of the procedure

Improves blood circulation and tones muscles, loses excessive muscle tension. The treatment is used to fight against rheumatism, arthritis, sleep and metabolism disorders, back pains, kidney diseases, migraine and stress.

The massage accelerates circulatory system and is a perfect tool against stress. In water jet massage the masseur does not physically touch the patient and therefore the effect is not as strong. During the procedure the patient is in a large warm (35°C- 37°C) bath and the masseur uses a hose with 0,6-1,5 atmosphere jet to massage the entire body. The jet massages relaxed tissues and the patient can feel slight discomfort when it reaches problematic muscles.

Contraindications: not recommended to people suffering from blood clotting and use anticoagulants since the it increases the risk of bleeding; pregnancy, phlebitis and thrombosis.

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