Massage on VelusJet Waterbed

VelusJet helps to reduce muscle tension, improve metabolism, activate lymphatic drainage, strengthen soft tissue structure, improve well-being and increase well-being.

elusJet can be used both for health promotion and therapy, as well as in combination with other procedures (hand massage, movement therapy, etc.). The therapeutic massage device combines the therapeutic effect of heat therapy, classical and underwater massage. The device is called "dry" hydromassage, in which the user lies on a special elastic mattress, and the body is provided with full support, a state similar to weightlessness. The electronically controlled jets of water moving under the mattress imitate the basic techniques of classical massage and, in addition to the therapeutic effect, promote relaxation and improve overall well-being.

Indications: increase or decrease in muscle tone, improvement of local blood supply, relaxation of subcutaneous tissue, relief of pain, softening of scar tissue, muscle fatigue.
Contraindications: injuries, acute inflammations, infections, malignant neoplasms.
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