Honey Massage

25 minutes
Duration of the procedure

Honey massage is one of Tibetan's treatment massages. The sticky honey removes toxins from the organism and cleanses energy channels.

Honey massage improves blood circulation in skin, subcutaneous tissue and muscles. It helps the skin to be more elastic, silky and fight cellulite as honey absorbs toxins and accelerates detoxification. It also cleanses skin and improves the lymphatic circulation. After the procedure many patients have noticed a positive change in their appetite and normalization weight.

The massage improves the metabolism of internal organs and tissues, also nutrient absorption. Honey massage has a good impact on back problems as the bioactive substances found in honey improve the metabolism of cartilage.

We recommend this procedure in colder season for the best result. In hot summer period the honey tends to meld and does not stick to the skin, so the effect of the honey-treatment is rather smaller is noticeable at all.

After honey massage we recommend to drink herbal tea. It is not advisable to eat before the massage.

Contraindications: severe heart and cardiovascular diseases, severe inflammatory diseases, skin diseases, pregnancy, honey allergy

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