Classic Hand Massage

25 minutes
Duration of the procedure

Very effective against muscle tension, sleep disorders and stress.

Depending on used technique the massage can be relaxing or toning and has effect on skin, subcutaneous tissue and muscles. Relaxing techniques are used against tension and toning techniques are used against weakened muscles. Massage done by a professional is truly relaxing and mood boosting.

The massage eases pain and tension in muscles, promotes metabolism, immune system, activates lymphatic system, blood circulation, cleanses organism from toxins and relaxes both physically and mentally.

Contraindications: severe diseases of heart, kidneys and lungs, tumors, inflammation, communicable diseases, clotting disorders, varicose veins, high blood pressure, severe skin diseases, fever.

For reservations to SANATORIUM please call +372 799 3900 or send an e-mail to: admin@spavarska.ee
In the period from June 1st till August 31nd reservations for additional treatments can be arranged only on the spot, in case of available vacancy. Prior reservations for additional treatments are unavailable on this period.