Aromatherapy Massage

50 minutes
Duration of the procedure
Sanatorium and water park

Aromatherapy massage is a relaxing massage that uses ethereal oils. Aromatherapy massage is perfect for relaxing and relieving stress and tiredness.

The technique contains calm and slow strokes. Aromatherapy massage relaxes, boosts mood, strengthens immune system, stimulates the work of organism, improves concentration, blood circulation and lymphatic system, helps to fight fatigue, exhaustion and mood swings, promotes healthy sleep, helps to get rid of toxins, relieves muscle tension, pain, headaches, age-related problems and cellulite.

Aromatherapy massages use 100% natural oils (from German manufacturer PINO). Our selection contains three different oil mixes with the following effects:
ENERGY- Massage Oil Orange Lemongrass (mix of orange and lemongrass oils): freshness, extra energy
BALANCE- Massage Oil Mother of Pearl (mix of coconut, jojoba, soya oils that contain bioactive calcium, amino acids and micronutrients): purity, vitality, harmony
PEACE- Massage Oil Wild Rose: perfect vacation, relaxing and sensuality

Contraindications to aromatherapy: hyperthyroidism , fever, bone fracture, severe heart diseases, before or after alcohol consumption, first three months post surgery, no citrus oils before sunbathing, pregnancy, menstruation.

For reservations to SANATORIUM please call +372 799 3900 or send an e-mail to: admin@spavarska.ee
In the period from June 1st till August 31nd reservations for additional treatments can be arranged only on the spot, in case of available vacancy. Prior reservations for additional treatments are unavailable on this period.