Lahe Cafeteria

Evening meeting place by the bay

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At the end of a day with treatments, procedures and activities all guests are welcomed to enjoy a good evening at Lahe cafeteria.

Guests are welcomed to come alone, together or with bigger company. Order a cup of calming herb tea before going to sleep or freshly ground coffee to boost energy. Thanks to a wide range of TV channels our guest can enjoy international sports broadcasts. Lahe cafeteria also hosts very popular dance nights with live music two days a week.

On Tuesday nights there are folkore nights that continues with dancing. On Fridays there are bands performing and the party doesn't stop until late at night. The menu contains desserts, salads, snacks, different coctails and alcoholic drinks. We also offer a healthy smoothie including our unique mud-smoothie that looks like mud but is actually a healthy and delicious drink.

For table reservations on dance nights please call +372 7993908 or send an e-mail to: toitlustus@spavarska.ee


To order a cold snack selection for the evening please place your order at least two work days in advance by calling +372 552 3304 or send an e-mail to: aivar.narusson@spavarska.ee

Cold Snack Selection


Price per person, for a group of at least four people

Potatoe salad, ground meat cutlets, vegetable platter with dip, bread

Cold Snack Selection with Fruit


Price per person, for a group of at least four people

Potatoe salad, ground meat cutlets, crab sticks with cheese filling, ham rolls, vegetable platter with dip, fruit platter, bread

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