Heat Therapy

Local deeply heating procedure improves blood supply in muscles, relieves pain and is effective against muscle tension and rheumatism. We use clay heat therapy, peat therapy, mud paraffin and paraffin for hands and feet.
Reservations for additional treatments can be arranged only on the spot, in case of available vacancy. Prior reservations for additional treatments are currently unavailable.

Local Peat Treatment

10/ 15 min

Against rheumatism and circulation disorders
Курорный центр Вярска прогревание глиной.

Clay Heat Therapy

10/ 15 min

Against inflammation and muscle tension

Курорный центр Вярска фанго парафин.

Mud Paraffin

16/ 15 min

Relieves muscle tension

Paraffin Hand Treatment

14/ 10 min

Eases pain and is anti-inflammatory


Paraffin Foot Treatment

16/ 10 min

Eases pain and is anti-inflammatory