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A gift that is always welcome regardless of the age and gender!

Every one of us has experienced gift panic – when our loved one’s special day is close but we have no idea what to get them for a present. What to get to a person who seemingly has everything? Värska Sanatorium and Water Park gift card is perfect in these occasions!

Our gift cards are suitable for all ages – water park for children, relaxing weekend for your partner or friend, treatment procedures for your grandparents. Vacation in Värska is always a good idea!

How to Get It

After you have chosen the amount or service please make a transfer to any of the following banks:
Swedbank EE092200001120155546
SEB EE811010220036065012
LHV EE347700771003087935
Receiver: AS Värska Sanatoorium
Explanation: "Kinkekaart"

Send an e-mail to: info@spavarska.ee containing:
- your wish and the description of your gift;
- the address to send the gift card (either e-mail or shipping address)
- the name of the gift card receiver.
- when ordering gift card with a certain amount: do you wish it to be Sanatorium or Water Park gift card
- attachment of a copy of the payment order (PDF-format).

We send out gift cards via e-mail or shipments from Monday to Friday. You can purchase a gift card at weekends from Sanatorium or Water Park reception.
FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION please call: +372 799 3901 or send an e-mail to: info@spavarska.ee