Vastseliina Bishop Castle

Vastseliina fortress was began to built on 25th March 1342 to the border of Livonia and Pskov on Tartu Bishop lands. This border also became the political forefront of the western church. A line between Roman and Constantinople churches.

The fortress lay several centuries in oblivion. By the end of 1990 right after the independence of Estonia local enthusiasts started to remove the brushes. By the end of 2007 the Northeast tower was open for visitors. In 2011 the freshly renovated tavern house opened its doors as a visitor's centre with Medieval museum. The fortress complex celebrates the already traditional Medieval Days. More frequently can we spot pilgrims around the old ruins who have come to worship the Holy Cross.

Tickets (includes visit to the fortress): adults 4 euros, special price 3 euros (students, pensioners), family ticket 12 euros. For additional information about the fortress please visit their homepage.