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Whatever season it is the guests of Värska Sanatorium and Water Park are always stunned by picturesque nature of Setomaa away from busy city life and industries. The sweet scent of pine forest and long walks on the camping trail ensure a good appetite and quality sleep.

Vacation in Värska is something more than just effective treatment procedures, spa-treatments, rooms with an enchanting views to the lake and tasty local dishes. The resort with its unique microclimate is located in a quiet and fresh air area. All this beauty can be enjoyed and explored all year round.

When you have time off from treatment procedures and attractions of Värska water park you can spend time outside. Of course we encourage our guests to have an active vacation that promotes a healthier immune system and keeps mind and body fresh. For example you can go play disc-golf next to sanatorium on a green bay area. This game is always offering lots of fun to players of all ages and improves coordination, team work and gives an opportunity to be active in fresh air. When the weather is good you can use our grill and picnic areas for a nice get-together. In summers you can sunbathe by the lake, go swimming or eat ice-cream at the beach cafe.

Small hike in Pikalombi bog is suitable for both young and old. Longer hike requires waterproof shoes and willingness to go hiking for a couple hours. The observation tower is accessible and gives an opportunity to take a closer look at wild nature and its inhabitants.

For longer hikes around Värska you can rent bicycles with very favorable prices. Forget driving a car when you are on a vacation and breathe freely while driving bikes! Safe light traffic road leads you from sanatorium through water park to Värska - past the church and village square straight to Seto Farm Museum (Seto Talumuuseum). If you wish to go on an observational expedition on the lake where you can see Seto and Russian beach villages from an interesting angle.

If you are looking for an indoor activities than we recommend to visit the leisure centre where you can go to the library, internet, play board games (including Checkers and Chess), billiards, table tennis and corona. Weekly activities in Lahe cafeteria are Tuesday Seto folklore night with dancing and Friday dance night with live music.



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