Herb-Pearl Mineral Water Bath

10 minutes
Duration of the procedure

Mineral water pearl bath with natural herb concentrates is one of our most popular procedures. Herb extract stimulates nervous system, improves blood circulation and immune system of organism.

Mineral water bath is 37-39 °C and its fine air bubbles give you a toning micro massage. The procedure improves blood circulation and supports nervous system. Bath water Värska-6 is an extremely salty (21g/l) mineral water that runs 572-600 metres deep under 600 million years old Earth layers. Värska-6 contains various microelements: copper, zinc, strontium, manganese, bromine, lithium and anticancer selenium.

Mineral bath indications: skin and mucosa inflammations, neurosis, sleep disorders, upper respiratory tract and oral inflammations, skin diseases (psoriasis, neurodermite), allergic diseases, colon diseases, joint diseases, muscle tensions.

Pearl bath indications: blood circulation and blood supply disorders, muscle diseases, metabolism disorders, nervous system disorders, joint diseases, phlebitis, stress and back pain.

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