Therapeutic mud and mineral water baths are the most valuable and unique procedures in Värska sanatorium available only here. Therapy baths help against joint and skin diseases and have positive effects on nervous system.
Reservations for additional treatments can be arranged only on the spot, in case of available vacancy. Prior reservations for additional treatments are currently unavailable.
Курорнтый центр Вярска грязевая ванна

Therapeutic Mud Bath

20/ 10 min

41-43 °C bath
Курорнтый центр Вярска жемчужная ванна

Mineral Water Pearl Bath

16/ 10 min

Mineral water bath with fine bubbles
Ravimudaga kaetud käed orhideega. Lokaalse mudaravai pilt. Lokaane mudaravi kätele ja jalgadele.

Local therapeutic mud bath for hand or feet

12/ 10 min

For whom the general mud bath is prohibited