Our webshop terms and conditions

How to purchace and use Värska resort center's gift cards

General terms

1) These Terms and Conditions are applied for the legal relations between person (Client), who is purchasing products in the spavarska.ee webshop and the owner of this webshop (Owner). Besides the Terms and Conditions these legal relations are regulated also by the laws of Republic of Estonia.

2) Owner of this webshop is Värska sanatoorium Ltd., registration number 10243330, which operates at following address: Väike-Rõsna küla, 64034, Setomaa vald, Võru maakond, Estonia. Webshop customer service is available by phone +372 7993901 every day from 7 a.m. till 11 p.m. (local time zone) and by e-mail address info@spavarska.ee. Emails are responded within two business days.

3) Products of this webshop are gift cards, which are designed individually accordingly to the Client's needs. These gift cards can be used as a payment method for purchasing services and products at the receptions in the hotel and water park of Värska resort center. There are two types of gift cards avaliable: 1) digital gift card, which is delivered by e-mail; 2) physical gift card, which is delivered at the reception or by regular mail service. Client can choose the value of the gift card, apply a personal message and image. After purchasing gift card, Client is provided with unic 12-digits gift card code, which is valid as payment method for the products and services of the Värska resort center.

4) When Clients are between 7-18 years old or have limited legal capacity, they declare before making purchase, that their legal representative approved this purchase or they are making it with the funds, which were provided them for free usage by legal representative or third party by the agreement of legal representative.

5) These Terms and Conditions does not regulate using other products and services, purchased by gift cards, which are regulated by other laws (e.t. accomondation, buying alcohol and s.o.) and can have additional restrictions.

Prices and payment

6) All prices are showed in euros and include VAT. Digital gift cards come without any additional charges. Physical gift cards are subjects for the additional administration and delivery charges, which are described on the product page and also in the cart, before placing order for payment.

7) Payments for the gift cards are taken in advance through internet-banking links or credit card in a secure payment channel. After confirming the payment Client has to click the button "Back to the shop" to finish the order.


8) Digital gift cards are delivered to the e-mail, which is determined by Client right after successful payment or later on the set date at 00:00 o'clock.

9) Physical gift cards are delivered in the reception stands or sent by regular mail service to the delivery address, set by Client. Physical gift cards are sent by mail within two business days, delivery time is subject to the terms of postal service.

Using gift cards

10) Gift cards can be used as payment method for all the products and services at the reception stands and also in webshop in the amount of their value or actual balance.

11) Gift cards can not be used for purchasing another gift card.

12) For using gift cards as payment method it is necessary to present 12-digits code or to show the gift card on smartphone or paper at the reception. There is no need to print digital gift card on paper.

13) Client or the owner of the gift card has to make sure, that the 12-digits code will not be shared with third party, who is not justified to use it.

14) Gift card code can be used as a payment method only by justified person - the Client who purchased gift card or the owner to whom the gift card was addressed or other person authorized by the owner of the gift card. In case of suspicion of misusing gift card code by unauthorized person, member of staff at the Värska resort center can refuse to provide any products and services until all the circumstances are cleared.

15) If the gift card's value or balance is below the price of chosen products and services, then user of this gift card has to pay additionally for the difference.

16) If the gift card's value or balance exceeds the price of chosen products and services, the remaining balance can be used later until the gift card is valid. There is no limit, how many times gift card can be used.

17) Authorized persons can get all the information about their gift cards balance and period of validity, by making request to the contacts of webshop, which are provided in the section 2 of these Terms.

Period of validity

18) Gift card is valid 12 months from the purchase date, if there is no other infomation on the gift card's product page.

19) The last date, when gift card can be used, is shown at the bottom in format day/month/year. (For example: the mark 11/04/2021 reffers, that the last day of using this gift card is April 11th 2021).

20) Unvalid gift card can not be used as payment for the products and services, and it will be disabled.

21) The products and services purchased with the gift card should be used before the validity period of the gift card is over. In case of the packages, the package should be started and gift card number should be presented for payment until it is valid.

Return policy

22) Purchaced gift cards can not be returned or exchanged for cash. There is no possibility to get refund for the purchaced gift cards, because they are always designed individually in accordance with the Client's needs.

Personal data protection

23) All personal data is processed by the Owner in accordance with the general privacy policy, accepted by Värska sanatoorium Ltd. Personal data can be transmitted to the payment center, in order to complete Client's purchase and cannot be shared with third parties without Client's approval.


24) All the disagreements between Client and Owner are subject to be resolved in the negotiation process. The questions or claims should be submitted to the Owner via contacts, described in section 2 of these Terms. If reasonable agreement is not reachable, then Client can complain to the Customer's Protection Service or go to Tartu county's court.

This translation of the Terms and Condition is purely informative. All legal affairs should be resolved, based on original text in estonian language.