Vibroacoustic Therapy

45 minutes
Duration of the procedure

Vibroacoustic therapy is a treatment method where the client is treated resting on a special bed with low frequency sounds (30-120 Hz) combined with calming and relaxing music. The mechanical effect of vibroacoustic therapy stimulates metabolism and accelerates the excretion of acidic degradation products. The procedure intensively relaxes muscles, improves sleeping quality by stimulating the entire body and metabolism and promotes its equilibration.

Vibroacoustic therapy for children has proven to be effective against:
• tension headaches,
• stuttering,
• tics,
• enuresis, encopresis,
• psychological disorders (depression, anxiety disorders, insomnia, self-harming behaviour, autism).

Vibroacoustic therapy is found to be effective on adults in:
• relieving pain (among others fibromyalgia);
• decreasing muscle tensions and spasms (among others Parkinson’s disease);
• decreasing breathing difficulties;
• lowering high blood pressure;
• ailments connected with menopause;
• Alzheimer’s disease;
• decreasing tiredness and overall exhaustion;
• relieving psychosomatic ailments;
• relieving different headaches, dizziness;
• relieving tinnitus;
• treatment of psychological disorders (depression, anxiety disorders, insomnia, self-harming behaviour, autism).

Contraindications: acute inflammations, haemorrhage, risk of thrombosis and embolism, hypotension, psychoses, nephroptosis (also known as a floating kidney), prostheses or arificial parts in organism and subjective reluctance (fear) of the therapy method.
Pregnancy, tumours, excessive vibration sensitivity, epilepsy and brain injury require special precautions.

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