Light Therapy

30 minutes
Duration of the procedure

Light therapy is a recognized treatment method that works against autumn-winter depression. Light therapy is for people who suffer from tiredness, lack of energy, depression, sleepiness, increased appetite in cold season.

Winter depression is connected with pineal gland's hormone melatonin. During seasons with little sunlight the pineal gland starts to produce more melatonin and it is felt by the previously mentioned signs. Thanks to the light of light therapy the production of melatonin in brain declines and feelings of sleepiness and depression start to fade. Since our body registers the light through eye retina you should look directly to the light source few seconds once in a minute.

It is also found that the production of another hormone, prolactin decreases. High levels of prolactin causes depression. Light therapy also affects the so called rhythm master in diencephalic that regulates the time of sleep and waketime. This is why light therapy is very effective against sleep disorders caused by night shifts and time difference.

Light therapy contraindications: eye retina disorders, recent eye surgeries, using photosensitive medicine (lithium, fluoxetine etc.).

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