O.P.I. Wellness Hand Treatment

30 minutes
Duration of the procedure
Water park

O.P.I. Wellness hand treatment has calming tea extracts and is a nourishing and moisturizing treatment.

The procedure starts with cleaning the hands with warm and wet towels. The hands are peeled with AHA acids, A and E vitamins and natural sugar crystal read tea scrub to achieve perfect smoothness. Green tea recovers and protects the skin and natural fruit acids leave the skin silky smooth.

After that the hands are covered with moisturizing shea or white tea extract mask. Shea butter extract is deeply moisturizing and tea extract protects and restores the skin's natural condition. The procedure ends with hand massage up to the elbows using white tea massage cream. The herbal extracts, antioxidant vitamins and softeners of the massage cream give a real spa-massage experience.

The treatment does not include classic manicure.

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