Kinesio Taping

Kinesio tape and its special taping method was developed in order to support body's natural healing processes. The elastic and skin friendly tape helps to restore , improve and promote muscle and joint mobility. Kinesio taping has proven its effectiveness as a curing method and has been widely accepted in sports medicine and physiotherapy.

When a muscle is congested or injured it becomes inflammatory and starts to swell. The swollen muscle puts more pressure to tissues and results in slower lymphatic circulation. Nociceptors activate when lymph fluid starts to pile up and results in pain that weakens the damaged muscle and delays healing.

Kinesio tape and skin will have wrinkels in normal position since it is placed on a stretched muscle. The wrinkles lift skin and creates more space between skin and subcutaneous tissue that improves lymphatic circulation andaccelerates healing. Kinesio tape decreases swelling, pain and restores muscle's strength and flexibility. Kinesio taping is done by professionals.
30 minutes

Duration of the procedure