Indian Head and Facial Massage Champi

30 minutes
Duration of the procedure

The massage has been developed from the knowledge of Ayurveda massage. Champi massage is considered to be one of the best massages to ease muscle tension since it relaxes the body from head to toes.

Champi's physical pressure to the head helps to reach emotional stability, let go of stressful thoughts and that way promote energetic flows in entire organism.

The massage is sedentary and uses coconut oil. Since the massage uses oil and covers head, neck, face and shoulders it is advised to come with a towel or a hat to cover the hair. However, there still may be the need to wash hair after the massage. If so, we recommend to do it about two hours after the procedure. We also recommend to drink water or herb tea before and after the massage for flushing toxins faster.

The massage promotes healthier hair, decreased hair loss and helps to slow down the ageing process. It also brings relief to headaches, eye fatigue, ear sounds, neck and shoulder area tension and improves circulation. Please inform the masseur of hair extensions before the procedures.

Contraindications: epilepsy, tumors, inflammation and fever.

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