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Cosmetologist services and prices

Firming face care 38€
Biomechanical stimulation and mask. Increases the tone of facial muscles, improves their volume and functionality. Restores skin elasticity, smoothness and healthy color. Smoothes bags under the eyes and lifts the eyelids.

ACID TECH chemical peeling 35€
A chemical peel removes damaged skin layers and stimulates the regeneration of new healthy cells, the production of fresh collagen and moisture binding substances.

Facial cleansing with ultrasound 28€

Retin Gold 47€
Firming treatment with BSM apparatus and mask.

Apparatus mesotherapy without injections 30€
Mesotherapy to stimulate the penetration of biologically active substances into the cells of the facial skin.

Ultra moisturizing care 30€

Soothing treatment and light mask 30€

Botox O2Farm 10-28€
Treatment to restore the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows. Duration of care is 1-1.5 hours.

Cold paraffin for hands 5€
During facial treatment, it is also convenient to use a moisturizing hand treatment based on cold paraffin.

Legs to the knees 20€, legs completely 35€, face 10-15€, armpits 15€, arms 15- 25 €, bikini area 30€

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