Seto Horse Carriage Rides

The fun carriage ride through Setomaa forests gives you an opportunity to see the exciting culture with its military past and nature. The keywords of Seto horse carriage rides are Setomaa, Petseri shooting range and Mustoja nature reserve.

Duration of the ride is usually one hour but by adding a picnic or mushrooming you can make it an evening. Possible to have the best accordionist in Setomaa play music on your carriage!

The carriage is drawn by stallion Semu and fits up to 10 adults and bit more children. On sunny days we let the leaves fall into the carriage but when it's raining we will pull a roof over the carriage. Only with booking. Group prices from 50€. Accurate price after consulting with the service provider.

For additional info and booking please call: +372 520 2530 or visit their home page setosuksu.ee.