Saatse Museum and Church

Saatse Seto museum is the oldest museum in Setomaa but displays the newest exhibitions. It is a place where innovation intertwines with history and cultural exhibitions are displayed with focus on the artistic realisation.

You should definitely visit it as on the way fro Värska to the museum you will cross Estonian-Russian border line four times (and on your way back as well). After visiting the museum you can walk along a small hiking trail along the Russian border and take a closer look at the sand strip and barbed wire that separate historic Petserimaa to two.

The story of Setomaa museums actually began at Saatse where the local scholar Viktor Veeber started a raise which started this rich fund. You can spot the works of founder's son, artist Renaldo Veeber in the museum since he has decorated the museum with several wall paintings.

Old Saatse church and cemetery are also located in Saatse. Every year they get crowded as locals celebrate their holiday Saatse Päätnitsa. Päätnits is the Friday before Eliah Day (2nd August) that gathers people whose relatives are buried there to Saatse. After the service, procession and cemetery feast starts village dance night.

For additional information about opening hours and contacts please go toMuseum homepage.