Piusa Caves Visitor Centre

They are there. Bats. The biggest wintering colony of bats live in Piusa caves. They hide themselves deep in the caves for the long winter period.

Piusa caves are man-made and they are characterized by high vaults and pillars that resemble to the ones in cathedrals and churches. Today the only accessible cave is the museum cave that has lighting and observation platform for a safe exploration.

In the visitor's centre you can use 3D computer graphics to virtually walk into the depths of the caves and look for its altars; you can have a look at the exhibits made by AHHAA Science Centre; watch movies about the emergence of the caves and about endangered species living nearby; learn about the sands of Piusa; learn about bats; play an exciting cave game; make sand bottles and sand cards (only with pre-ordering); use the seminar room for different events (conferences, seminars, parties etc.); have a snack in cafe; have a guided tour to the museum cave.

Piusa cave nature reserve contains a 1,4 km long hiking trail. The hiking trail introduces typical heath forest with its distinctive plants and lets you enjoy a nice walk in the sweet scent of pine forest. It is very convenient to go on a journey since the hiking trail begins and ends at the parking lot. A peaceful nature observation takes about an hour. The trail is equipped with 9 information boards that introduce Piusa cave nature reserve's rich nature.

For additional information please visit the visitor's centre home page: www.piusa.ee.