Õrsava Hiking Trail

Õrsava hiking trail in Värska gives a good overview of Setomaa's nature, past and present. The trail goes around lake Lämmijärv bay. This bay area is called Õrsava lake by the name of the village. The nearby buildings may partly be depreciated so you have to be careful when hiking and use proper equipment.

First part of the journey gives a small overview of the history, second part is about nature. The most convenient place to enter the trails is from Hirvemäe Recreational Centre. The way marking on the first kilometre of the trail is quite sparse but if you keep the lake shore at your sight you don't have to worry about getting lost. Soon you will reach a building from 1926 built by Estonian Defence Forces.

There were once cavalry and artillery training camps and polygons in Värska and nearby. Officer's dwellings were built by the bay with a view to the lake. Nowadays some of them have been restored and others are waiting to be restores. You can find additional information on information boars. Not that far from officers' dwellings lays a small grassy beach and the now closed first Värska water well.

An interesting fact is that mineral water lays 400m deep and is under such high pressure that the opening of the borehole raised the water column to 20 metres. Other interesting facts can be found on information board. Next the journey takes you past the singing square and turns across the bridge over Värska stream to the other side of the lake. The way back is very diverse, stretching through the pine forest by the lake. The trail crosses bridges and passes RMK Värska camping sites (opportunity to go swimming) and RMK Luige rental hut.

After four kilometre hike you will reach Värska-Tartu highway. Make a right turn, go over the bay by the highway bridge and finish your journey next to Hirvemäe Recreational Centre. You can go swimming or sunbathing down to the beach.

The trail is also accessible by scooter. Suitable for everybody. Trail way marks have logos of hikers.