Laossina Tsässon and Cemetery

One of two remained village cemeteries of Setomaa is located in Laossina. There are Laossina cemetery and tsässon or village chapel to honor the birth of Mother of God.

Birth of the Virgin Mary is on 21th September (8th September according to Julian calendar). The age of the tsässon was found in 2004–2005 by using a dendrochronology method of dating. Its results showed that the log tree of the tsässon was chopped down in the winter of 1864/ 1865.

It is not known how the cemetery was founded but we can find information about it already from the 15th century. The former village cemetery is well-preserved, maintained and in use. Village cemeteries disappeared from Estonia in 18th century. In Setomaa the cemeteries are mostly next to the chapels. Laossina is therefore a very rare site of this cemetery culture. There are medieval stone crosses remained on the cemetery behind the tsässon.